The following are highlights of a new interview with Wanderlei Silva:

On how proceedings are going getting his license back and when can we see Wanderlei fight again

“I’m still training and UFC have a lot of events around the world, and I hope the event invites me to fight soon.”

On disappointment on not having an opportunity to fight Chael Sonnen

“I think he retired just for now, I think after finishing his suspension, he's gonna (come) back. I hope this fight is gonna happen.”

If Wanderlei would still be interested in fighting Chael if he un-retires

“Yeah of course. I think him and Belfort are just the two good fights that have a reason to happen for me.”

Thoughts on Chael Sonnen testing positive for banned substances in the lead up to their fight

“Yeah this is bad for everyone, bad for him, bad for me, bad for the fans who want so much that fight. But I’m gonna (be) waiting for him.”

What was Wanderlei’s game plan for Chael

“He (Chael Sonnen) has just one way to fight, just take down then on the top of the ground. And for me, I try to knock out, you know. I like to fight (in the) stand up and that what was happen. I’m gonna try to knock him out, he would try and hold me the whole round.”\

If Wanderlei enjoyed the experience of coaching the Ultimate Fighter

“It was really great for me, you know I show my technique, I training a lot of good guys, we opened the doors to MMA in Brazil, we had great talent, the biggest from all the shows. And I’m so glad to open the door and make a lot of opportunities for new fighters”

Thoughts on the recent fight between Weidman and Machida

“Yeah I think the champ is in a great moment. Lyoto's fighting very well. I think, you know if he started to attack a little bit earlier, he could have won the fight. I think he lost two rounds, and won two. And I hope for him to have another chance at the belt so that now he knows that way to beat the champ.”

On if Wanderlei was surprised with Lyoto’s aggressive, brawling style near the end of the fight

“No I think it was one of the best fights of Lyoto. Lyoto was more exciting, he attacked more. I think training with Rafael Cordeiro put him on another level, and I think he's gonna (be) fighting for the belt again.”

On if Wanderlei would like to fight Luke Barnatt potentially?

"Yeah I think if everything is good for the fans and for the event (UFC) I’ll do it. No problem."

On how many more fights Wanderlei would like to have?

“I think that in the last two fights I made the two bonuses, the fight of the night and knockout of the night. You know I make my fights exciting and I'm really entertaining, and I'm still fighting good. And when the body's working good, I’ll go. When I can’t do it anymore, I’ll try and do other things. Right now it’s good for me.”

On if Wanderlei be open to competing against Chael Sonnen in Metamoris or another grappling competition if he never gets the chance to fight him in MMA

“Yeah, why not. I never think about that but I think it’s a good idea.”

Which fight did he enjoy the most

“Chuck Liddell in 2007. It was a great fight, one of the best fights of my career. I think it was one of my best fights.”

Favourite moment in his Career

"When I beat (Rampage) Jackson the second time."

Current relationship with Rampage Jackson

"He's doing good, he's fighting good. I hope he (comes) back to the UFC."

Why Brazil didn’t win the world cup

“I think Brazil lost just because the guys didn’t invite me to play. If I play, it never would have happened.”

You can listen to the complete audio of the interview below.

Wanderlei Silva Interview