Following Ronda Rousey's 16-second victory over Alexis Davis at UFC 175 on Saturday night, UFC president Dana White fielded the mandatory Cyborg questions from the media.

When talking about the chances of signing former Strikeforce Women's Champion Cris "Cyborg" Santos, White told members of the media on Saturday night, "I just don’t want to hear your bullsh*t if I do [sign her]."

White continued, "Because this sh*t is going to flip as soon as I sign her – about drug testing and all the other bullsh*t. It’ll be the biggest f*cking topic. It’ll be the biggest f*cking story for you to write. Oh my f*cking God. The script will flip immediately.”

Many are considering this progress, as White would generally dismiss the Cyborg issue altogether when it was brought up during various media scrums and press conferences.

The UFC president also treated the MMA media to a back-story regarding Cyborg and the end of Strikeforce. "Just so you know, when we bought Strikeforce, we offered them [Cyborg and her people] the same exact deal that we offered Ronda, and they turned it down." White reiterated, "They turned their deal down when we tried to sign her."

White also talked about how fighters know how to get into the UFC if they truly want to fight for them. “Listen, there are certain things to do to get out there. If you really want to fight for the UFC and you want to fight for the title," said White. "There are ways to get that done. There are ways to do it. It’s not like we never offered ‘Cyborg’ a deal. We offered ‘Cyborg’ a deal, and they turned it down."

The UFC president concluded, "She got offered the same deal that Ronda got offered, and she turned it down. She was on a medical suspension too, for performance-enhancing drugs.”