UFC president Dana White was asked about Chael Sonnen during his post-UFC 175 media scrum. White, who along with FOX just recently ended his business relationship with Sonnen after two consecutive drug-test failures, one of which he shockingly tested positive for EPO and HGH, noted that the former title contender is currently "laying low" after everything that happened.

"He's laying low. He's apologized, and he's going to live his life, and he's doing his thing." White said. "I asked him and said, 'Chael, do you have any money?' And he said, 'I have every dollar you ever sent me.' I said, 'good for you man, because that's a lot of money.'"

The "American Gangster" from West Linn, Oregon won't be "laying low" for too long, as he is still scheduled to compete at Metamoris 4, a grappling-tournament that takes place on August 9th and airs live on internet pay-per-view. Sonnen will take on grappling phenom Andre Galvao in the main event of the show.